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Police Enforcer - PBR Helmet asset

PBR hard surface helmet practice.

- She's supposedly a police officer from a cyber-world. Visor is for facial recognition, augmented, Night, and thermal vision, enhanced accuracy... You know, among other nice cop things. Cooling system on top of the helmet. Two tubes pass into the back where the visor's cpu would be allocated. Original concept with Zbrush, retopo with maya, texturing with Substance Painter and Quixel's NDO. Render with Marmoset. Face has 5896 tris,2948 quads. Helmet is 22868 tris, 11434 quads.

Juani forn screenshot010

Law Enforcer Helmet

Juani garcia forn screenshot015
Juani garcia forn screenshot015w
Juani garcia forn screenshot011
Juani garcia forn screenshot011w
Juani garcia forn screenshot012
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