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Roman Centurion Evocatus

Personal project of a Roman Legionnaire.

Evocati were soldiers in the ancient Roman Legions who had served their time and obtained honest discharge, but had voluntarily enlisted again at the invitation of a consul or commander. They had their salary doubled and were extent from common military duties, such as fortifying camps. A lot were usually promoted to the rank of Centurion.

The challenge was to create a real-time character and push it to look as good as possible. Because of this the polycount is a little high.
Polycount without the Hackle:
Verts: 120762
Faces: 115947
Tris: 225548

High Poly mainly with Zbrush and Marvelous Designer. Retopo and UVs with Maya. Baking and render with Marmoset ToolBag. Textures with Substance Painter.

Juani forn centurio evocati15 1

Centurio Evocati

Juani forn s30
Juani forn s32
Juani forn screenshot061
Juani forn screenshot062
Juani forn centurio evocati16
Juani forn centurio evocati16wire
Juani forn centurio evocati17
Juani forn centurio evocati4
Juani forn centurio evocati4wire
Juani forn s33
Juani forn 360 centurio evocati
Juani forn centurio evocati14
Juani forn centurio evocati13